AUHS Administration


Carroll Ryan President & Chief Executive Officer
Marilyn Uvero Vice President Operations and Development
Dianna Scherlin Provost
Jinhong Zhang Chief Financial Officer
Sisi Chen Director of Institutional Research
David Hawkins Dean of Pharmacy
Mok Chong Dean of General Education and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Pharmacy
Genevieve (Ivy) Javaluyas Director of Student Affairs
Maria Maloles Director of Marketing and Publication
Dina Hsu Director of Admissions
Oliver Tabardilla Director of Information Technology


The CEO/President and all key officers, faculty and staff of the University maintain close alliances and network with distinguished colleagues in the allied health industry. The University actively participates in major industry events and activities, and in doing so has earned the trust and respect of leading practitioners in public and private allied health organizations and of members of allied health associations. This strategic network of professional kinship serves the University well in many ways, chiefly in recruiting the services of the best and the brightest in the industry.

President: Caroll Ryan, PhD is an accomplished hands-on leader with over 22 years of experience in higher education serving in executive, administrative, academic, and instructional capacities. She was appointed by the AUHS Board of Trustees in 2017 to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer.  Prior to this appointment, she served as President and Chief Executive Officer for nine years at another for-profit university and led them through national and regional accreditation.  Dr. Ryan’s previous administrative positions include serving as chief academic officer and dean.  In addition to her extensive experience in administration, Dr. Ryan has taught graduate psychology courses and has served on numerous university committees. Dr. Ryan is active in several professional organizations including the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. She has served on numerous accreditation teams as an educational standards evaluator and subject matter expert for DEAC and was a member of the Research and Educational Standards sub-Committee and the Appeals Panel.  Dr. Ryan is scheduled to serve as Chair for an accreditation site visit for WASC in the fall of 2017.  Dr. Ryan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University at Fullerton, a Master of Arts from Azusa Pacific University, and a Ph.D. from Northcentral University.

Vice President of Operations and Development (COO): Marilyn Oreta Uvero, PhD(c), EdD, MSN, RN is the Vice President of Operations and Development at the American University of Health Sciences.  Dr. Uvero obtained a Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University and a Master of Science in Nursing Education from California State University, Dominguez Hills. She is currently working on a PhD in Public Policy and Administration at Walden University in the School of Public Policy, completing her dissertation.  Dr. Uvero’s professional career as an education executive expands over 30 years and includes holding several positions as provost, Dean of student affairs, member of the academic senate, and Chair of nursing programs.  She has been successful in establishing strategic and operational plans, developing new programs, and strengthening competitive market positions. On July 30, 2011, she was inducted by Walden University as selected Honoree Member by Pi Alpha Alpha, National Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration based on her academic performance and professional contributions.

Provost and Dean of the School of Nursing: Dianna Scherlin, DNP, EdD(c), MS, RN brings over twenty years of senior academic management to the University.  Dr. Scherlin has academic management experience in both public and private institutions at the local, state and national/corporate level and has been engaged in program leadership in nursing and health science education for many years.  Dr. Scherlin’s background includes providing leadership in strategic planning, accreditation and regulation, founding new programs, creating assessment and evaluation of programs, and providing faculty development programs.  Dr. Scherlin has worked extensively as an educational consultant, and has broad ranging experience as a dean, program director, site director and faculty member.  Dr. Scherlin earned her Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) from Western University of Health Sciences and her dual Masters (Nursing Education and Administration) and Baccalaureate degree from the University of Massachusetts- Amherst.

Chief Financial Officer:  Mr. Jinhong Zhang, CPA, holds a degree in Master of Business Administration from University of Wisconsin, Eau Clair, WI.  His 24 years of experience in administration and accounting management span from assuming several executive leadership positions as president, chief financial officer, and consultant in accounting firms locally and internationally.  As CFO, he administered and managed financial, legal, and business matters including strategic budgeting, fiscal structuring, partnership building, contract negotiation, and accounting systems. As a CPA consultant, Mr. Zhang established consulting firm and partnership with multiple organizations in Southern California. International consulting includes his services to China Communications, Beijing, and Bangladesh where he managed finance, personal, and operations of development projects.  His community services have been provided to different organizations and students, and as ambassador for global economic and educational exchange.

Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment: Sisi Chen, PhD, MA joined AUHS in February, 2016 as the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment. The systematic and rigorous education and research experience Dr. Sisi has prepared her well for this position. She has a PhD in education, specializing in statistical modeling and educational assessment and evaluation, from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is well versed in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and proficient in advanced statistical modeling such as multilevel (hierarchical) linear/logistic models, logistic/linear regression models, multiple imputation, factor analysis, multivariate multilevel models, growth modeling, structural equation modeling, etc. She is also well equipped with skills in statistical software such as STATA, SPSS, SAS, HLM, AMOS, MS EXCEL. Her prior job experience as a statistician in United Nations and a researcher at the University of Michigan expanded and deepened her expertise in assessment of teaching, learning and institutional effectiveness.

Dean of the School of Pharmacy: David Hawkins, PharmD has served nearly forty years as a professor in both pharmacy and medical schools in Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, and California.  His academic administrative experience includes serving as an assistant dean at the University of Georgia, as a department chair and senior associate dean of pharmacy at Mercer University and South University in Georgia, as an assistant dean at the Medical College of Georgia, as the Founding Dean of Pharmacy at California Northstate University in Sacramento, and as the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Founding Dean of Pharmacy at the California Health Sciences University in Fresno. His research and scholarly activities have led to more than 100 publications in the pharmacy and medical literature and more than 200 scientific and professional presentations at national and international meetings.  Dr. Hawkins earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Michigan.  He completed clinical residency training at the University of Michigan Medical Center, where he served as the chief clinical pharmacy resident.  He obtained additional postgraduate training in clinical epidemiology biostatistics at McMaster University Medical Center and Health Outcomes Research at Harvard School of Public Health.

Dean of General Education and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Pharmacy: Mok Chong, PharmD earned an MBA from Wayne State University and his Doctor of Pharmacy from Ferris State University. He is a licensed pharmacist in the states of California, Michigan, and Hawaii. Dr. Chong currently serves as Dean of General Education, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in Pharmacy, and Program Director of the Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Before joining AUHS in 2011, Dr. Chong served on the pharmacy faculty at the University of Hawaii for three years.

Director of Student Affairs: Genevieve (Ivy) Javaluyas, BS, has been with the University for nearly fifteen years and serves the University and its students as the Director of Student Services.  Ms. Javaluyas holds a Baccalaureate degree in Mathematics with a concentration in actuarial science.  Ms. Javaluyas has actively assisted with the development of many student services policies and procedures, and provided leadership related to her area of expertise in participating in institutional and programmatic regulatory approvals and accreditations.  She has more than fifteen years in administration and management experience in student services.

Director of Marketing and Publications: Maria Flerida Maloles, MBA, earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from DeVry/Keller Graduate School of Management in California, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in the Philippines.  Her dual roles include director of marketing and publications and the University Liaison Officer.  Joining the University in 2013, she brings more than 20 years in leadership and management support, 5 years of accounting and more than 15 years in marketing and graphic arts design in experiences.

Director of Admissions: Dina Hsu, MSEd, earned her Master of Science in Education from California State University, Fullerton. During the last year of her advanced studies in Education, she was a tutor and TA for the English Department. Ms. Hsu then proceeded to work as English Instructor at Mount Saint Antonio College and Santa Monica College from 2001-2005. Ms. Hsu joined AUHS in 2009 as the Director of Admissions. She brings more than eight years of experience in administration and assisting prospective applicants with the admissions process.  She is also tasked with providing prospective students with advising regarding all steps in the admissions process.

Director of Information Technology: Oliver Tabardilla, BS, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Adamson University in 2001.  He worked as the systems and network administrator for Allegro Pacific in the Philippines for four years and in the same capacity at Allegro, a Division of Conair Corporation for another four years.  Mr. Tabardilla joined the American University of Health Sciences in March 2012 as the systems and network administrator.