The Board of Trustees of the American University of Health Sciences is charged with oversight and guidance for all aspects of the university’s operations. The AUHS Board of Trustees is comprised of leading professionals from a variety of disciplines.

Johny Darnell Griggs, J.D.

Attorney with an exemplary record of achievement with respect to complex litigation matters and recognized as an expert in employment law (including, among other things, privacy, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, diversity and elimination of bias in the workplace). HR consultant specializing in organizational development, workplace investigations and training, and expert witness services. Astute, dynamic, and results-oriented strategic and operational leader with proven success in leading and restructuring mission-driven public benefit corporations. An accomplished lecturer, speaker and author skilled in advocating and promoting the interests of organizations and clients through strategic public relations initiatives with the media, regulators, elected officials, and funding entities. A popular speaker on issues pertaining to public education reform, civil rights, diversity and inclusion, and elimination of bias in the legal profession.

Sara Pol-Lim

Sara Pol-Lim is the first Cambodian Woman to be the Executive Director of the United Cambodian Community since its inception in 1977.She has education background in business administration, human resources, and marriage & parenting and woman health leadership. She has experience in educating service providers in reaching out to the Cambodian community, supervising, analyzing programs, reports writing, grants writing, and project management, as well as directing and marketing programs.

Song Tan, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Song Tan holds a Doctor degree of Medicine. He is the co-owner of Karing Pediatrics Medical Group. He has 33 years’ experience in health care field. He has active involvement in Cambodian community. His experience will be a great supplement to AUHS’s Mission in health care field and reach out to the community.

Tracy Nguyen, Pharm.D.

Tracy Nguyen is originally from Orange County, California. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles and earned her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree at Sullivan University, Kentucky in June 2011. Her residency research project focused on medication use and fall risks within the elderly acute care setting which she presented the study results at Western State Conference at Asilomar State park in California in May 2012. In addition, she reviewed the management of urinary tract infection at Palomar Health (PH) in Escondio and identified areas of potential improvement as part of her residency Medication Use Evaluation (MUE). Her professional interests include geriatric and neonatal. Following completion of her PGY1 Pharmacy Practice residency, Tracy is working as clinical pharmacist at Palomar Health where she has the opportunity to interact with patients and precept students.

Thi Dang, Pharm.D.

Thi Dang holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She is the owner and operator of San Gabriel Medical Pharmacy. She has 8 years’ experience as a pharmacist and 9 years’ pharmacy practice residency experience. Her education and experience in pharmacy will contribute to AUHS School of Pharmacy.

Tamara M. Whitman, MBA, BS

Tamara M. Whitman holds an MBA in Global Management and BS in Biology and Chemistry. She had approximately 20 years leading and/or participating in randomized clinical trials. In addition, she has served as a project manager on a variety of clinical trials. With her extensive expertise in clinical trials, she will contribute significantly to the MSCR program.

Pastor Gregory Johnson

Pastor Gregory A. Johnson brings practical experience in operating an institution of higher education from consulting services and by providing over 20 years of leadership in managing or being the Chief Operating Officer or Vice President of numerous and eclectic private propriety schools and colleges and universities. As the Co-Founder of AUHS some 18 years ago, his extensive experiences regarding the business management perspective in health care education and services are invaluable. This process has been augmented by creating successful startups of educational facilities and the enhancement of excellence in education both of which are ingrained in the mission and vision of AUHS.